Inspire – Motivate – Educate

Clinton Brown III – President & GM


Clinton’s life in sports started at an early age, growing up as part of the New York Islander’s hockey family during their Stanley Cup winning years.  His interest in sports could be seen even in his elementary school journal entries where he would always fill in “sports agent” or “hockey coach” next to the question – What do you want to be when you grow up?

Through his involvement with the Little People of America, Clinton was able to find an outlet for his competitive fire by competing in the Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA).  DAAA is an organization that puts on athletic competitions for little people.  DAAA hosts competition in various sports once a year at the LPA National Conference, as well as, at the World Dwarf Games and the Paralympics when they come around every 4 years.

At the 2009 DAAA National Games in Brooklyn, NY, Clinton put together the New York Towers and their efforts netted them a Bronze Medal.  With a strong group of core players, the Towers have been able to practice once a month, since those games and have formed a nucleus that he feels has the ability to win a lot of games in the future.

If you ask him, he’ll say regardless of if we win or lose on the court, we’ve really already won.  His main goal with the Towers is to give local New York LP’s the chance to compete regularly against opponents of the same height.  His secondary goal for the team is to show the rest of the world that Little People can do big things, hence the New York Towers hope to Inspire → Educate  → Motivate



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