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Clinton Brown III – President & GM


Clinton’s life in sports started at an early age, growing up as part of the New York Islander’s hockey family during their Stanley Cup winning years.  His interest in sports could be seen even in his elementary school journal entries where he would always fill in “sports agent” or “hockey coach” next to the question – What do you want to be when you grow up?

Through his involvement with the Little People of America, Clinton was able to find an outlet for his competitive fire by competing in the Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA).  DAAA is an organization that puts on athletic competitions for little people.  DAAA hosts competition in various sports once a year at the LPA National Conference, as well as, at the World Dwarf Games and the Paralympics when they come around every 4 years.

At the 2009 DAAA National Games in Brooklyn, NY, Clinton put together the New York Towers and their efforts netted them a Bronze Medal.  With a strong group of core players, the Towers have been able to practice once a month, since those games and have formed a nucleus that he feels has the ability to win a lot of games in the future.

If you ask him, he’ll say regardless of if we win or lose on the court, we’ve really already won.  His main goal with the Towers is to give local New York LP’s the chance to compete regularly against opponents of the same height.  His secondary goal for the team is to show the rest of the world that Little People can do big things, hence the New York Towers hope to Inspire → Educate  → Motivate


8 Responses to “Clinton Brown III – President & GM”

  1. Alan Giorgi says:

    Hello Clinton,

    My name is Alan Giorgi. I run a summer basketball league in North Adams Ma, high school and open teams. We are going into our 29th year. I am always looking to raise money for our winter youth league program. I would love to have the NY Towers come and play in our league against either high school all-star team or maybe and open all-star team. Send me any information you have, our league runs between early June and mid August. thanks for your time.

    Al Giorgi

  2. Chris Aagaard says:

    Hello, I am trying to find contact information for Mr. Clinton Brown or a member of his basketball organization. Please email me at your soonest convenience.

    Chris A.

  3. matthew says:

    where can i get official ny towers aparel?

  4. Marco says:

    Clinton its Marco when do I get my t-shirt.

  5. Bailey Gillon says:

    Hello Clint,

    Dr Rob Carman came to our church in Australia the other week and he told me all about you. I find you very inspiring.

    Bailey Gillon

  6. david mccabe says:

    clint, great interview with jay this morning. good luck.

  7. Joel B. says:

    I heard your interview on Jay Thomas the other day. Dude, you are really an inspiration, and have an outlook that is well thoughts out.
    I hope you can spread your educated perspectives beyond the court. We can always use people who think and try to expand their existence rather than hide in their ignorance.

    Warm wished and much success to you and your team.


  8. Michael G. Caruso says:

    Dear Clinton:

    I saw the video of your talk in Dallas on November 28. What an inspiration you are and can be to so many people, especially younger children with disabilities who may be struggling with their limitations. You inspired this middle-aged guy as well! Your philosophy and approach is truly life-giving!

    I am sharing the work you are doing with some folks at Notre Dame. Your team exemplifies what it means to Play Like Champions!!!

    May God continue to bless you and all you do!

    All the best,


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