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NY Towers In The Spotlight

Check out the New York Towers in the spotlight as they were highlighted on the “A-Show” on INASECT.TV’s webpage

Click the Below Link

Intro to Towers
Check Out the Towers on AOL News

Towers on AOL NEWS

2 Responses to “NY Towers In The Spotlight”

  1. jared kaniaupio says:

    our son joshua is six years old and plays boys and girls club first grade b-ball. joshua has achondrsplasia(dwarfism). he is playing with average size kids. despite the hieght disadvantage joshua loves to play and scored a basket in his first game. he can only reach the basket(8 foot)by throwing the ball under hand, even so he was chosen player of the week. He really enjoyed wathing your video.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Jared, that’s awesome to hear, I’ll be sure to share this with the rest of our team. Tell Joshua that several of our players continued to play against average size opponents well into high school and one of our players Jahmani Swanson, even played AAU ball in new york city. The Sky’s the Limit

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