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Great Game at Manhattanville


In the second game of the Towers first season playing an official schedule, they took on the Manhattanville Lady Valiants’ softball team.  Unofficially we had over 200 in attendance, and both the Towers and Valiants heard great cheers from the crowd throughout the game.  The Valiants made it very close towards the end of the 4th quarter going up by 1 with 23 seconds left on a 3 pointer from the corner, but the Towers made one last push.  In the waning moments of the game, the Towers came up huge on the offensive end, scoring the final two points of the game on a Jahmani Swanson isolation play.

The Towers were very thankful to have such a good group of young ladies to work with at Manhattanville.  News 12 came down and gave premier coverage to the game, and will air a special on the event and what the New York Towers are doing in their Beyond The Rim experience this year.  Family and friends from every player came down to enjoy the afternoon and here are some pictures that were taken that day.

A big thank you from the Towers goes out to Amber Radomski, coach of Manhattanville, Rose Horton and the entire Horton family for making this event happen and really setting in motion a terrific start to the Towers season.

The Towers record for the season at this point is even at 1-1.

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