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Towers to Appear on MTV’s Silent Library

Nov. 1st, 2010


The New York Towers are proud to announce they’ll be appearing on an upcoming episode of MTV’s Silent Library.  A take off of a japanese game show, Silent Library is based in a library setting where stunts and goofs are done on teams in order to make the participants laugh.  The participants must hold back their laughter in order to receive monetary prizes at the end.

In this episode, Towers players will be shown displaying their skills on a 5 foot hoop designed by professional set builders in order to create the ultimate dunk.  This episode stars Danny Fava, Jahmani Swanson, and Christopher Cassella from the Towers.  The participants at the Library table are bandmembers from a band called 3oh!3.  Stay posted to our Fan Page on Facebook and to this blog for its air date.

Prior to doing the show, the Towers staff and several players did their due diligence to ensure that the episode and show would portray little people and the Towers in a good positive light.  Those who participated along with GM Clinton Brown were comfortable that this in fact would be the case.  The Towers stance on portraying LP’s in the media has always been to ensure that it is positive, in good taste, and in no way diminishes who they are as a person.  The Towers went so far as to getting a letter from the producer promising this and promising that the “M” word would not be associated with the show.

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