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Jahmani Swanson – #15


Birthdate: 12/4/1985       Hometown: New York, NY       School: Monroe College

Position: PG                Ht: 4′5″            Wt: 110 lbs

A great all around player, Jahmani is the center of the offensive attack for Towers Basketball.  He’s a highlight reel who can shoot from the outside, dish off on the no look, and he gets up in the air with the best of them to snag rebounds.  His amazing graces on the court run a close second in his life to his commitment to his family, friends, and to helping in his community.  Jahmani’s brother Justin also plays on the towers, and they make for an incredibly dynamic backcourt duo.

Described by some as the best LP basketball player to walk the earth

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  1. Anthony Irabor says:

    Jahmani Swanson is an excellent athlete.I watched him since he was a young teen. A playground/Tournament legend…..He never had height but he always had the heart to not only dominate on the b ball court but in life as well

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