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About Us

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the New York Towers Basketball Team.  The Towers are an extraordinary team, comprised completely of individuals with short stature, or as we like to be called “Little People.”  The Towers were started to ourselves the opportunity to compete in athletics on a level playing field against competition of our own size.

While forming our team and practicing each month, we realized we had a unique opportunity to positively affect other people’s outlook on life and the way little people are viewed in society.  One of our teams’ mottos is, “Losers make Excuses, Winners find Solutions.” We believe that educating people through the platform of organized sports is a wonderful way to get our message across.  Our game and our message can inspire and shows others that they can accomplish great things in their life.

Our athletics goal are to win Gold at the DAAA games in Nashville this coming summer.  While our goals in the community are to visit schools, corporations and groups alike to show people that its not always about the hand you’re dealt, but rather the way you play that hand; THAT truly affects the outcomes in your life.

Thanks for checking out our website, enjoy our youtube videos of our players and if you’d like to contact the NY Towers directly about setting up a charity event between your group and our team please email Clinton @

- Clinton Brown

President & GM

NY Towers Basketball