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To Become an official partner and sponsor of the NY Towers means you share the belief that we all can persevere and achieve in our life.  The organizations on this page have helped the NY Towers bring their message to the public and their support is graciously appreciated by all members of the NY Towers. Thank you for your continued support.

We’re always looking for new partners and sponsors so we encourage you to email Clint @ to find out how to join us. The Towers make a concerned effort to give back to charity through the Little People of America, the Dwarf Athletic Association of America, and A Little Goes A Long Way.  All of which are 501c3 organizations


Help Support the New York Towers and the message we send to the youth of America.  Through athletics we break down all barriers and educate the world about little people.  We hope that our story and perseverance inspires you to stay positive and work towards achieving the goals you can achieve through hard work.

Donations will go to Towers in their quest to bring their message that there is an athlete inside all of us.  The Towers are a symbol in our society that competition and athletics can be made possible for anyone and everyone, regardless of physical stature.  When the underdog wins, its because of his or her dedication and persistance to achieve excellence, and we’re here to prove that on and off the court.

To Make A Donation Email:  Clinton Brown @