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Basketball Betting - The Basics of NBA Betting

Basketball betting in its basics is similar to football betting if you have some knowledge of this one. But when it comes to making profits, well this is a little bit different since with basketball there can be more easily obtained profits. With the online betting websites available these days you can also consider betting using your internet access.

The results in basketball games are also easier to predict so long as there is no draw involved and you've got as such 50% probability to have a successful wager. Another good thing about this is your knowledge of this game. It is actually the same with any type of sporting activity you plan betting on except for the fact that in here the rules of understanding the game are simpler to grasp at. Basketball betting comes in various options that are described down below:

  • The point spread type comes under two categories: favorite and underdog. With the later you will get free points coming from the other team. These points can be added to the final score in order to determine the winner. In case your stakes are on the favorite team, then free points are given to the other team, they being as such deducted from your score to decide who the winner is.
  • The money line is the other type of basketball betting that is placed without point spread. With this bet option you need to have the selected team winning the game for making a profitable bet. The odds coming with favorite and underdog in this type of bet are different. For instance if you opt for favorite you need to pay more and win less and with the underdog you will pay less and win more.
  • Totals is a type of basketball betting that doesn't rely on who wins the game. With totals you need to bet on predicting how many total points are scored within a game by both of the playing teams. The odd is 11 to 10. You have the possibility of selecting over or under the posted total.
  • With parlays the chances of doing good predictions are very weak because you need to bet on a collection of two or even more teams that are supposed to win or be at least tie. If your predictions are right then you win the bet.

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